My 2013 medical coverage with Cigna for myself and 11 year old son was increasing from $280 to $350, effective Jan 1, 2014.So I decided to shop through Healthcare.gov website for a better coverage with lower deductible.

I completed the application on the website including providing my husbands information because they needed to know his income since I'm not employed. My husband has coverage through a former employer and didn't need coverage. At the end of the application process it gave me a message regarding Medicaid and they would contact me later. At this point I didn't know why they would be contacting me.

I was able to continue to the plan options and select coverage and I selected a plan costing $470 that I thought included health coverage for myself and son and additional dental coverage for my son. On this page the representative from Healthcare.gov said that it does look like I was applying for family coverage or at least dependent coverage. I didn't know that it didn't include my son. It took me two hours on hold to make my initial payment of$470 to Blue Cross.

After receiving my new membership card in the mail sometime in January, I noticed it didn't mention my son on the plan. Since the phone hold time was extremely long and unpredictable with Blue Cross, I emailed them with my concern about coverage including my son but they didn't respond. It took me several calls with Blue Cross to speak to a representative, sometimes I was on hold for nearly an hour before I had to hang up and try later. Today I finally spoke to a representative and they confirmed my son wasn't on the plan and that I need to go back to the healthcare.gov market place and speak to a representative to add him on the plan.

I then spoke to a Healthcare.gov representative and she said they placed my son on Medicaid by mistake (it was a mistake on their end) and that I need to cancel my application and coverage with Blue Cross to remove him from Medicaid and reapply so I can include him. The representative cancelled my previous application and I had to complete a second application to include him after he's removed from Medicaid. Now that I'm reviewing the new plans for coverage including my son, they have increased from $470 to over $600.00. So now, I've had to pay $351.00 today to reinstate / continue my old plan so I wouldn't lose my coverage from Cigna.

I've already paid $470.00 for my January coverage with Blue Cross through healthcare.gov which I find out after I've paid it didn't include coverage for my son. The Marketplace representative said that I need to ask Blue Cross to reimburse me for the $470 on my own and that they couldn't help me with this.

I've wasted so much of my time and now may lose $470. I don't see how Healthcare.gov is helping to lower my cost, it has cost me and will continue to cost me more.

If I wasn't persistent in finding the information regarding my son's coverage on my own, I would have lost coverage for myself and son if I hadn't paid my current premium by the end of the month.

Monetary Loss: $470.

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Affordable...what a joke.My wife used to get healthcare through her work.

Obamacare took effect and her union would no longer offer healthcare to any employee that worked less than 32 hours. I am self employeed so i dont get healthcare from anyone. So we lost our $100 a month healthcare from her work. Healthcare.gov tells me i can get healthcare for my family for as little as $700 a month.

After my tax credits...OMG that is my house payment and almost one third of my total income.

I have been forced to pay 33% of my net income to insurance. So in order make this work i have sold my truck to get rid of payment. I stopped all subscriptions to newpapers, magazines, netflix, etc.

reduced our food budget by $50. And luckily i own a 12 year old truck so i can still go to work.

It is not affordable. It is just like many have warned.

More expensive.Perhaps the law should be called "Affordable for some, more expensive for others"

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #776720

You must be mistaken.Period.

"If you like your health plan, you can keep it. Period."

Oh! Someone lied. In fact, everyone in one political party lied.

Oh, well. Move on. You probably should have just let your child remain on Medicaid and said nothing. That way, both you and your son would have been covered.

But, your cost for insurance for just yourself would have still been higher than before. Just wait until next year. Premiums will be going up and up much higher than this year. In your situation, since your husband is insured, I would just drop both yours and your son's and go without.

As long as you hold any real property(home)as tennants by the entirety(married couple)it cannot be seized to pay any hospital bill. If you or your son gets sick just go to an emergency room for treatment and if it is a reasonable cost, pay out of pocket---the same with your family doctor---pay out of pocket.

You are not alone.I hope you didn't vote for the messiah, but if you did, then now you realize what you did.

to nikalseyn Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #776879

Well I DID vote for him and I'm happy I did.Yes, the program is not perfect, but I now actually have affordable health insurance for the first time in years.

In my opinion any program that works toward giving everyone the opportunity for affordable health care is better than nothing. You advise her to just go to an emergency room for treatment and pay out of pocket? Are you crazy?

Clearly you haven't been to an emergency room lately.The cost of that kind of care is outrageous.

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