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I did well on this program for 2 years but when I had a life change it snowballed a series of financial issues that cost me thousands , not to mention losing Health Insurance for over a year , because they didn't get any of my information to Blue Cross right and overlapped coverage several times over a 5 month period and I was denied for that 5 months , although I was eligible , so I gave up , told them in Dec. 2017 to just stop trying to fix what they messed up .

Never heard anything till I went to file my taxes I had to ask them for 3 months for forms they needed to amend , because they were showing I had coverage for those 5 months they didn't cover me , and I wasn't about to send a false 1095-A . I did what I was supposed , they dropped the ball , I went uninsured and now have IRS issues that may cost me thousands . It's now June of 2018 and I just got a letter from them today denying coverage for the entire year of 2017 . I called them today to ask why and they said the letter voiding out the 1095-A is wrong .

The man I spoke to Michael General was not professional , he did not know how to help , kept apologizing for what trouble I had last year but assured me over and again that the letter sent was a mistake of some kind or I was misreading the letter .

I am a diabetic and have gone for over a year now with no Dr visits and medicines , my health is poorer than it's ever been and this company is still giving me grief , denying me service and proper intelligible help . I also called the IRS today to find out the trouble I was in due to the neglect of this company , and I will have to pay a fine of 2085.00 for not having the last 5 months of coverage .

Review about: Healthcare Gov Medical Claim.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Check out they have short term medical plans and they generally don't overcharge for prescriptions. They also have agents that have been in the health insurance game for a while so maybe they can answer some of your questions.

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