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Just throwing it out there, I got a great deal on my health insurance plan. I was skeptical at first but talked with a bunch of friends/colleagues and they all reassured me I got a good deal.

Not to mention before i went through ACA, I applied through individual companies (including the one I ended up with) by myself and couldn't afford any quotes I was given. So +1 for you, Marketplace. My complaint with this government affiliated program is the fact that sometimes when I have called, I get people who barely speak english. My issue with this is merely the language barrier.

I have a hard time understanding the questions they ask, and having to ask them to repeat themselves, or have them not understand my question. However, at least those folks were moderately helpful and informed on what their job was. On other occasions I have been called as late as 8pm on a weeknight and harassed by some woman with a thick mid western accent who couldnt pronounce my name, and wanted me to reapply foe next years coverage. While that is all fine and dandy, she would pause for at least 30 seconds at a time after I would say things, so I juat hung up.

Other times they have called at 8am, or while I was at work. And oh god are they slow af. They take forever to answer your questions, all of them talk with the same slow, midwestern US accent, and are generally unhelpful.

I have had to hang up on them because I dont want to waste my entire lunch break trying to figure out why they called me and how I can get them to stop. Just email me if theres an issue!

Product or Service Mentioned: Healthcare Gov Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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