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Waiting for CORRECT 1095A since FEBRUARY for 2016 return! Have called continuously only to be promised that "you are correct and that it was approved to be mailed out.

You should receive the corrected 1095A in 30 days." Well...it is June 17, 2017 and I was just promised (again) today, that it should be sent out by July 10! They state that they have independent contractors handling this and yet they (healthcare.gov customer service) can only read what is on their screen. They do not know who these people are, or, where they are. Totally inefficient and incompetent people handling this and the consumer is at the mercy of this 3rd party (whomever they are) to process the proper paperwork.

(I had initially thought that it was the insurance company, but upon verification, they told me that it was the government agency that does the processing.).

Improper 1095A forms will cause audits! Why is the government dragging their feet on this problem?

Reason of review: IRS 1095A form filing errors.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I liked: That the program initially sounded good in theory.

I didn't like: Constant misrepresentations.

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Us too trying to get corrected 1095 a . Also getting runaround 6 escalations so far admitting we are right then denying correction caus computer will not allow. Wonder if any attorneys out there are interested in class action suit?


Have you gotten it yet? I'm working on the same thing and it's been 7 months!

Orlando, Florida, United States #1342915

Going through the exact same thing ready to tear my hair out- if anyone out there knows anyone else to call it would be great to post this call center needs to be shut down and run by someone that knows what they are doing

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