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I went thru the enrollment process, wanting to be insured for 2016. Unfortunately, because of my financial situation, I was unable to make my first or any other premium payment to the insurance company.

I, at this point in time, concluded that I would not be insured for yr2016 thru the Healthcare Marketplace. This would be a reasonable conclusion on my part. On the website it is quite plainly stated in bold writing that your insurance premium coverage will not go into effect until you make your first premium installment directly to the insurance company. As stated before, I never did this.

Unfortunately when filing my 2016 federal income tax returns I am now having to deal with a bunch of BS because the healthcare marketplace is concluding that I was covered by insurance for February and March. I was not covered, nor did I ever receive anything from the insurance company. I had no insurance identification number no invoice from insurance company nor did I have a card that I could take to my doctor or the hospital or any other entity that would need it to help with my medical cost. Yet, the healthcare marketplace now tell me I should've canceled.

To my knowledge And according to statements on the website my nonpayment was sufficient to void my enrollment for coverage. I will conclude this with a very parallel example. Imagine this scenario: I start shopping for a new car. I find one I like and really want to buy.

So, I do the paperwork for the auto loan and purchase of said car . Well, I'm going to have to make a down payment on that car before I'm in possession of it. The dealership is not going to give me the new car without me first fulfilling my obligation to make the down payment. I I am attaching a picture of the boldly stated Important notice at the website of healthcare , which led me to believe there was no action required on my part if there was never an initial insurance premium made by me.

This is holding up my income tax return which I need very badly. This whole government healthcare is nothing but a scam and because of my beliefs I will never have it. I practice herbal remedies and healing and will live and die by healthy holistic living.

God has provided me with everything I need to live a healthy life and treat/cure any ailment. I have no need for medical insurance coverage

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