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I applied for health insurance because i was forced to or else i pay the penalty when its time to file taxes.When i applied with my yearly income of $35,000, it forced me to pay a monthly premium of $322 plus a high deductable of $5000. Still sick to my stomach, this was actually cheaper than what my employer and most employers these days offer. I paid that ammount for one month wondering how i will survive, worried that i will lose my home...
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I had Obamacare last year through Priority Health premium wasnt too bad but deductable and coverage was poor. This year it went up due to I worked alot of overtime and the benefits went down and the deductible got higher. I was also charged $1,200 to pay back to the government because my earnings were higher than the previous year. So I cancelled. Why would I want to pay a high premium per month then take a chance in having to pay some back? ...
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Recently removed (after 3 calls to the ACA 800 # and getting wrong information) myself from ACA due to Medicare enrollment. My wife stayed on ACA. The 800# support center completely provided wrong information and THEN provided the new rate for a bronze plan!! Guess what ACA rates went up for 1 person over the previous rate! YES the rate doubled for 1 person versus 2. From over $300/month to cover 2 to over $400/month for 1!!! How can this...
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Paying $800+ dollars a month for Obama Care for my wife, child and I through United Healthcare.In Houston, Texas you can only purchase an HMO plan. No one accepts my insurance and if you can find someone who takes it the physicians can't give you the care you need because the hospitals they have admitting privileges don't take Obama Care. In addition good luck finding anything near you. I live in the medical capital of the world in Houston and...
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I broke my back in an auto accident in 2015 and am now uninsurable due to my age , no kids and one other thing.I would seriously like to extend my thanks for the amount of time wasted along with what finances I had to Mr Obamas pathetic attempt to insure me. After 30 years of hard work then an accident I am now uninsurable. The government cant even succesfully kick in a tax credit when I did have money. Hours and hpurs on the phone trying to...
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