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I have had insurance via the marketplace for 3 years. Last year I had zero issues.

Now suddenly this year it is a constant stream of issues about proving I have no other coverage. It seems as if it is a game to try and force me out or find reason to drop me. I have called the "other coverage" they claim I have and sent in several documents to prove I dont have other coverage. Nothing changes.

I call into the marketplace to get a poorly trained and very rude rep pretty much every single time. They all read from a script of answers and if you ask anything they dont have a scripted reply for they really get nasty. Superviors do the same. Each Rep , each Supervisor has a different story but yet they are looking at the same file.

Started this *** in early Nov 2016 and still at it today June 2017. * Kay Johnson (Rep) today got snotty and told me this issues was resolved in Nov and that the "Final Notice" statements and daily calls keep coming due to the auto system not being updated.

* I have had a very good Broker working with me. She calls into them as well and gets the same ***!

Review about: Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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