Last year I attempted to enroll in Obamacare...My Husband only earned 22,000.00 They quoted the price of $200.00 a month. My Husband and I are both disabled and have not earned money since June 2015.

Needless to say we were fined when I filed the taxes on 22,000.00. So I called again to enroll for this year. My husband is now on disability(He earns 8,000 less then last year)so I just knew it would be cheaper. During the enrollment process, The rep asked me what race He and I were (my first thought "why does it matter") I didn't say that to her, I told her our race.

My Quote for heath coverage was 580.00 a month. I don't get it! Yes I know insurance went up. But how can they expect us to pay 580.00 a month on a salary of 14,000.00 a yr.

When we couldn't pay 200.00 a month on a salary of 22,000.00 a yr.

I can't help but to think it is about that question she asked "What is your race"? I should have opened my mouth and ask "Why will it change the price"?

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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