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At the beginning of 2014 I went to the Marketplace site to look around and learn about the new healthcare act. Shortly there after I unexpectedly lost my job and sadly became unemployed.Having trouble finding new employment I applied for Florida Medicaid for myself and underaged daughter and was accepted.

We have been receiving medicaid ever since.Now on Jan.20, 2016 I received a notice from the IRS stating I have not filed 8962 form for receiving coverage from Preferred Medical Plan since 2014. Then I received 2 1095A forms which my first name is even mispelled claiming I was insured by Preferred.I am livid I Never agreed, signed, or spoke with anyone about this insurance company!!!

MARKET PLACE has been no help in working with me on this issue!!! Said it fraud & contact FTC!!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of healthcare gov insurance plan. Healthcare Gov needs to "irs wants letter of exemption of my claim that i did not authorize this coverage" according to poster's claims.

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I just realized the same happened to me. I had seen the mail from Preferred, but assumed it was junk and they were fishing for customers.

I have had insurance through my employer since 2013. I have no idea who, or how I was signed up for this company. It must mean someone accessed my SS number along the way.

I needed my tax return and sent the IRS the requested 1095 and 8692 forms last month and thought to myself that perhaps this referenced tax credit was some amendment to the ACA.

I then spoke with the benefits person at my job to make sure that, perhaps this Preferred Medical Plan wasn't some ancillary insurance covering dental or something.

He informed he's never even heard of the company. I started doing research and here I am.

For the record, the above poster is the first reference I've found to them signing people up without permission, but I've found countless references to this company overbilling, refusing to refund and providing, overall, poor customer service.

I'm assuming that there will be many more complaints now that this ACA credit is affecting peoples' 2016 tax returns.

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