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I was just yelled at, lied to, spoken down to, and all I was trying to do is make sure my information was safe and try to make sure my application was cancelled. I have had so many nightmare experiences with reps at the Marketplace and it is so incredibly frustrating that it just keeps happening over and over and over.

I cancelled my Application before December 15th so I wouldn't be charged the January premium by BCBS - got a print out from the Marketplace that confirmed cancellation. I was charged January anyway. I just spoke to the rudest agent (this has been my experience since this Marketplace started) however she was the worst I've had and ended up yelling at me. I asked for a supervisor so she put me on hold.

After several mins she came back, said "Ok, I have a supervisor on the line." and just started repeating the same thing over and over which is why I asked to speak to someone else in the first place. When I finally got her to stop yelling I said, "there's no supervisor on the line because if there were they would have said something by now." I demanded a supervisor and the representative got nasty and with a horrible attitude she said FINE- SHE'S JUST GOING TO SAY THE SAME THING!!!! I did speak to a representative who was better however she was no more updated or capable of answering my question - one of which was a concern of fraud because when I opened my account there was a bright orange highlighted statement saying my account had been accessed by another account holder. Now, I'm assuming they have that warning so it warns the actual account holder that something may have been accessed and would want someone to call and ask about it.

What I got when I asked about it was, oh that doesn't mean anything. Then, that must be a representative. I say " But I have spoken to many many reps as I have had Obamacare since it opened and they have accessed my account every time I call and I have NEVER gotten that warning. Next she says, "Well a representative opened your account in November but the only thing they wrote in the notes was WRONG." And she thought that would satisfy me.

I have already experienced identity theft by someone filing false taxes with my information which has cost thousands and thousands so I am a little sensitive when I get a statement that is highlighted and says someone other than me has opened an account that is full of my personal information.

Sorry, I am just so upset like so so many others on this board and I can't find anywhere that I can complain where any action would happen. :-( So frustrating!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Healthcare Gov Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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The orange bar was there because your account was accessed by a Marketplace representative. You're right the system registers it as a warning for you.

Representatives also see it when they go to your acct to make changes. If has any reason to believe your information has been accessed by an unauthorized individual or system they will lock the acct, change your password and send you both mail and online correspondence stating that there was a security issue and you will need to contact the Marketplace to access your acct. I'm sorry you have had a horrible experience with representatives and I strongly encourage you to ask for a supervisor anytime you feel the service provided is inaccurate or unprofessional for any call center.

When calling the Marketplace a supervisor request (when properly done) will result in a few minutes of silence then the supervisor will come on the line you will not speak with the CSR again. Also just so you know, that rude CSR has a direct supervisor (not the ones you would speak with) that will be notified of your complaint and will take action to ensure it does not continue on to other Consumers.

Overland Park, Kansas, United States #1276339

Most of these reps are rude, ignorant, and, obviously, extremely uneducated, as evidenced by the way they talk to people. It seems like the majority of them are quite accomplished at jive talk, and that's about it.

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