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As an employer appealing a decision, we were asked to supply a lot of documentation. You can't email anything, you can only mail or fax documents. We supplied everything by mail first, but they called and said they couldn't read everything because they don't actually get the originals, they can only see a scanned in copy. So, I faxed new copies of the things they couldn't read. Then they called and asked for pricing for our prior year which... Read more

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I applied for and gotten a premium with the health insurance market place in 2015. I used it once in 2015 and because it was a weekend I had to go to urgent care. At urgent care I was forced to pay the full amount because my deductible wasn't met. That was fine but then I waited and waited for my 1095 A so I could file my taxes. It never came despite the fact I requested it repeatedly. So as a result I had to hand write the information down so... Read more

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I receive a subsidy for my Blue Cross HMO insurance based on my committing that my Adjusted Gross Income on my taxes will only be $15K. In 2016, I was notified that I must prove such a low income well before my 2015 taxes were complete. So I submit my 2014 tax return with a written explanation by the deadline. I admit that understanding that my case is not easy. My AGI was a NEGATIVE $14K in 2014 but I voluntrily added $50K to my income by... Read more

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When I was applying for my health care last year I was told that I qualified for a tax credit and they encouraged me to use a better insurance then tax season came and they said Oh you don't qualify and I had to pay all of my tax return to return all of the money when I didn't even want the health insurance to begin with. Also they re enrolled my health care plan without consulting me and I already had coverage so I have been charged double for... Read more

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I applied for health insurance in Texas in the beginning of December I accidentally cancelled it and reapplied right away. Come to find out first week of Jan that the marketplace didn't send my new application over to the health insurance company I applied to and I paid my January premium of $229.55 mid December. So I had some health issues and had to go to and in network ER for $250 mid January because I couldn't go to an actual Doctor without... Read more

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Applied 12/9/15, Selected plan 12/15/15, received nothing in mail, or email, waited until last week of December, when I started calling the numbers listed for my insurance company. Three times they couldn't find me in the system. I called the "marketplace" number, they said I was complete on their end. I called Company again, finally find me, get me another number to call to pay first months premium. I call them several days before getting... Read more

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I contacted and signed up for coverage over the phone on Dec. 15, 2015. My coverage should have been effective as of January 1, 2016. Once I received a correspondence from Health Insurance Marketplace confirming my enrollment, I realized that two letters in my first name had been transposed. I called the marketplace phone number to correct the error & ended up having a whole new enrollment application completed just to correct a typo, leaving... Read more

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I moved states from VA to TX and followed the appropriate steps. I submitted the application for TX under life event and got approved and selected my plan. I paid the new state premium and was all set in TX. Now that I had insurance in TX I went to cancel my VA plan. not only cancelled my VA plan they also cancelled my TX plan. I went to pay my next month premium in TX and found out that I terminated the plan. Called... Read more

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I've spoken with 15 customer reps and sent in numerous documents to verify my income and still nothing. I can't even see my application online. They have the most disorganized system ever. I think obamacare shouldn't existed. It's a frustrating disaster that doesn't pay anything that gives you false hope. I have 1,000+ in medical bills to pay off and that's because nothing was covered. If they had a better system I would have been able to get... Read more

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Health insurance market is a scam a bunch of uneducated people probably don't even have a high school diploma I have to pay for three months of insurance I never received because they can't type information in correctly I got hung up on my face they refused to help the have no customer service whatsoever

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