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I went through and signed up for Humana health and dental. I paid around $120 a month for both and when I could not pay it anymore I called after I made what I thought would be my last payment to cancel.

I sat on the phone for 6 hours 4 of which I was on hold to cancel. The girl on the other end was like okay everything is all taken care of you should receive papers in the mail in a few weeks. I never received the papers instead in the mail three months later I receive a bill for $268 for just my health insurance and another for my dental insurance for $89.99 at this point I was looking at the bill and was shocked. I spoke with several representatives who told me I would just have to pay the balance and then they would cancel my policy.

The whole point of me cancelling was because I could not afford it anymore. I explained to them that I called to cancel months ago and they said that they do not have any record of my call. At this point, I am so beaten up and I want to be done with this company, I was like okay I will just pay the balances. I asked them to cancel the coverage for both health and dental and then they tell me "well ma'am you cancelled your dental back in January we have no record that you have dental right now." I cancelled my dental because the policy they signed me up for was only good until I turned 20 and I did what they told me to do and signed up for a different dental because I had too.

Which cost me another $35 start up fee and for some background knowledge my birthday is on the 21st of January so keep in mind I only had this plan 3 weeks before they told me it was no good. So once again I am shocked and asked who have I been paying almost $40 a month to this whole time then. They said they had no idea.... Then about a month ago I receive a letter from collections saying that I needed to pay for my dental.

I went online and paid the $89.99 and now this week I received another bill for $109 and change saying that I owe for my dental again.... I have had it up to my wits end with this company and they even had the nerve to send me new cards. I found new coverage through the marketplace but they say that it cannot take effect until the other one is closed out and cancelled. So now not only can I not get new coverage until I pay them money I should not owe, but my other coverage I tried to cancel I cannot use because it is "not active" but I never cancelled apparently?

I have to say if you can stay away from this company do! RUN far far away!

DO WHATEVER IT TAKES! do not go with Humana!

Product or Service Mentioned: Humana Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Saginaw, Michigan, United States #1188481

Don't pay any more bills from those people. Period.

If you cannot afford the monthly premium of a mere $120, then why in the world would you pay what they are now charging you for your supposed arrears?

At your age, any credit score hit is minimal and you should never, ever pay for something you don't owe. Time to become a discerning adult.

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