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"I found out what plans will be available, and at what cost, in 2016"

From a letter they sent me ... Blue Cross / Blue Shield will discontinue the individual Blue Choice PPO Plans and make people go to a HMO where you probably can't go directly to your Specialist anymore without first going through some Gate Keeper Doctor to get to a Specialist Hospital (like Cancer) unless it is on their HMO Cheap List.

So, I Switched To The United Healthcare Compass Plan (Compass EPO) ...

However, if you need a Doctor or Hospital ... the search on the UHC shows this:

"Results for Hospitals" Within 10 Miles.

"0 In-Network Facilities Found Near 77433"

"We're sorry, your search doesn't match any of our doctors. Please try updating your location or adjusting your search filters within Refine Results."

And If You Do See a Doctor or Hospital Near Me ...

"Excludes UnitedHealthcare Compass individual benefit plans purchased through the exchange/marketplace or directly through UnitedHealthcare or a broker"


"XXX is not a participating provider for the Texas Marketplace plans."

If there is an emergency ... People Are Out Of Luck.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1259855

We found this out the hard way. Our daughter had a febrile seizure.

For a few hours went to the local Pediatric ER that accepts United. Paid what we thought was due only to 3 months later receive another bill for over $1000. We were told that even though the hospital accepts United and the doctor is In Network for United, the people they contract with as a 3rd party (for processing? I don't even understand...) do not accept Compass.

And this is after finding out that our pediatrician, who also accepts United, does not accept Compass specifically. Disgusted.


whats even worse is that United Healthcare will be dropping out of the Market place next year so you like myself will have to get another medical provider. I cant stand BCBS but it seems that i am not going to have much of a choice. Either swith to them and keep my current PCP or pick another carrier and lose her all together.


Remember all of this if you vote democratic this year. Hillary gal will be worse than Obama when it comes to healthcare.


Good luck. It is only going to get worse. You get what you vote for.

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