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2014 I lost my job and had to go on Obamacare. Amazing that even with low income I still had to pay for health insurance that has ridiculously high deductibles.

Then I lost unemployment compensation because they only pay 26 weeks. I still had to pay for Obamacare. Where in the world did they think this premium was coming from if there was no income? Finally, after eleven months I get a job.

I have been here 4 months. The company only offers the bare minimum required by Obamacare so I am paying $300/month for the premium, plus $5000 deductible and $1600 coinsurance up to the allowable amount. Now I find out I have cancer. So still paying $300/month for worthless insurance, plus missing work for doctor appointments, treatments and everything else which means getting short paychecks and having to come up with $5000 deductible and $1600 coinsurance.

And will have to start all over January 1, 2017 with the deductibles and coinsurances. How on earth do you get ahead of this? And what will the insurance pay? Maybe $2000?

How generous. My annual premium is higher than that. If I didn't have to pay for this worthless insurance, I could be paying on the doctor bills and not sending myself into bankruptcy. Thanks a lot Obama.

Who in the world do you think this is helping? The government?

Why do we have to keep paying for the debt that the government has created?

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