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I am a smart and educated person so why am I finding the healthcare Market place to be so difficult and extremely frustrating....... When I first moved here and started working here and tried to get health insurance I was told that we didn't make enough for the market place and made to much to be eligible for Medicaid.

A few months later I try again because this makes absolutely no sense and I am told the same thing, my hours are increased and Jamie is working a steady permanent job so I give it one more shot..... Jamie and I qualify for a subsidy and they tell me Hailey May be eligible for Medicaid and the information will be forwarded. If she does not qualify call us back and we will add her to your plan. A few weeks go by and I call them because I know how that goes and get we haven't had the chance to process it I will call you and let you know if there is anything we need.

The following week, I get a letter stating Hailey is denied so I call the marketplace AGIAN they add her on after being on the phone for an hour with a person I can hardly understand BUT her effective date does not start til April 1st. So I said am I to understand that when I called to get insurance because I would get fined and you tell me I can't add her on, get denied and when I call back my 3 year old who goes to daycare and gets sick all the time will not have health insurance for another month, does that seem right to you?

This has been a total fiasco and boy am I pissed........something is not adding up, I guess I will spend my day tomorrow on the phone

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Harrison, Michigan, United States #954801

What ever you do don’t have them get an auto withdrawal from your account for payment if they decide again that you are ineligible they may wipe out your bank account. This just happened to me I was paying 90.00 per month for my 61 year old wife what changed my income was taking care of our great nephew we have custody.

Keep in mind we don’t get one red sent for his care all we have is my ssi and a small pension of less than 200.00 per month. To make a long story short without notice we don’t make enough to get Obama care so they cut off the credit thing and went back 3 months wiped out my bank account with a 1600.00 + withdrawal bounced all my payments they most of my ssi check just after deposit.

They tell you to do this and that then you find out it was just some *** truing to get you off the phone and make a pay check. At this point we would have been better off with no insurance what a mess does anyone care or have a clue what to do.

Like you my wife filled out the 25 page app to the state for help and we have no ins while waiting for a denial from the state. I had to borrow some cash from a friend it killed me to ask and I will pay him back with payments I have been robed by OBAMA CARE.

to RIP***FF Durham, North Carolina, United States #954842

Sorry to hear that, I can see in the next year that it is going to be a mess, people will owe money if they didn't report an increase in income but see how fast they change it if you don't make enough. Have you called and complained?

There seems to be no number to call and file a complaint that I know of, I have looked. I am not sure they could legally have done that, keep trying.

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