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1. I have coverage from since 2014.

2. I relocated from Virginia to Texas.

3. does not have any system that I can change my address from Virginia to Texas and get the health insurance coverage.

4. On 04/19/2016, I called and talk to Ms. Ramona (supervisor) about this. She told me about the system limitation and she created new application for me with application ID: 2020172612

5. She terminated my insurance coverage effective from 05/05/2016.

6. She told me that I will be able to select the health insurance plan in 24 hours for the new coverage.

7. I was login to my profile frequently and I was not able to see my new application created by Ms. Ramona.

8. At last, I called again on 05/05/2016, and that was the last day of my previous health insurance coverage.

9. I talked to Ms. Paula (supervisor) and she told me that there is a system limitation and I will not be able to select the plan as also change my address online (from Virginia to Texas).

10. Ms. Paula selected the plan for me and told me that the plan will be effective from 06/01/2016.

11. I was shocked to hear that because I am chronic heart patient and I need the continuous coverage. Why I should get penalized due to system limitation of (I can’t change my address of Virginia to Texas) and even after the new application created by Ms. Ramona (supervisor), I am not able to access as of today). I clearly told Ms. Paula to put a note on the system that: “ will be responsible for anything happen during this period”.

12. I have a problem with my health condition and I need to see cardiologist ASAP. So I called again on 05/09/2016 and talk to Ms. Laura White (supervisor). I explained her about by situation, but she was not able to anything except assigning the case to caseworker and wait for 30 days.

13. I have some issues related to my health condition and I need to go to cardiologist ASAP, so, I called again on 05/13/2016 and talk to Ms. Alez Hernandez (supervisor) and Mr. Joe Thomas (Sr. Supervisor). They told me that my earlier request assign to case worker is denied. I have did not know that because it is not communicated to me on my online account with

I tried to explain about my health condition and need to go to cardiologist, but nothing happen except reaccelerating the issue for case work with same 30 day time limit. I also requested Mr. Joe to put the note on the system again that: “ will be responsible for anything happen during this period”.

14. As per Ms. Alez Hernandez (supervisor) and Mr. Joe Thomas (Sr. Supervisor), I don’t have any option except to wait until 06/01/2016 or the result of re-accelerating my case with the case worker.

15. Conclusion: Due to system limitation of lack of knowledge of Ms. Ramona (supervisor), I am out of coverage as of today suffering pain related to my heart condition.

16. Since I don’t want to jeopardize my credit history and finance, I prefer to wait until I will get the health insurance. I don’t have any option except to pray God to keep me As Is until I get the coverage from

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I hear you been on phone with 4 "supervisors" and system limitation and someone ineptness I am being penalize...absolutely ridiculous


Remember all of this when you cast your vote this coming November. This is a prime example of the incompetent morons the United States government has put to work in the marketplace.

God Bless.

I hope you will be able to obtain the cardiac care you need.

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