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Paying $800+ dollars a month for Obama Care for my wife, child and I through United Healthcare. In Houston, Texas you can only purchase an HMO plan.

No one accepts my insurance and if you can find someone who takes it the physicians can't give you the care you need because the hospitals they have admitting privileges don't take Obama Care. In addition good luck finding anything near you.

I live in the medical capital of the world in Houston and live less than a mile from the medical center and am having to travel 30 miles to go to physicians. This is absolutely ridiculous.

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Waterford Township, Michigan, United States #1289229

My husband and I have the same issue through the Marketplace insurance (Molina plan). We pay for it, and no doctors accept it!

When we first signed up, our primary care doctor was on their list. We get the insurance cards, they put some doctor on the cards as our primary doctor that we have never heard of. I call Molina and tell them they put the wrong doctor as our PCP. Their excuse was they made a mistake when then printed a lot of people's insurance cards.

They said they would change our PCP but for now if we have to go to the doctor to just call the one on the card for now. We call the doctor listed on the card. Their phone number just rings, no one answers, no voice mail, nothing! We call our regular PCP and NO they don't accept the insurance!

We then spend hours on the phone and the Molina website to find new doctors in our area. We contact the ones on their list, and NO again they do NOT take Marketplace Molina! We get on the phone again they then try to refer us to doctors 25-30 miles one way! My husband thought he found a doctor (15 miles away) he goes to the appointment, fills out all the new patient paperwork and waits.

Then they tell him 'oh, we can't take your insurance! What a waste of time! He comes home, spends hours on the phone AGAIN and finally finds a doctor, it took him 3 weeks to get an appointment! In the meantime his blood pressure meds are running low and he can't get a new script unless he sees a doctor.

I have been waiting for this new coverage to take effect (Jan.1) so that I can get back on track with seeing my orthopedic & pain management doctor, but NO they don't take the *** insurance either. My left knee is so bad, I can hardly walk! I have had to see my PCP and pay out of pocket the last few months! I finally got approved for Medicaid (myself only) but since Marketplace Molina shows as my 'primary' coverage and Medicaid shows as 'secondary' I still can't go to my doctor(s) because NO ONE takes the Marketplace!

We ended up canceling the Marketplace coverage on me which will go into effect 2/28. I then can use the Medicaid as my 'primary' so that I can finally take care of my issues! I've been really irked paying for this junk coverage, can't even use it, Ive just been left in pain trying to get through!

I read posts all the time on people's situations with this AWEFUL health care system! It's not ACCEPTABLE!


I would be willing to bet that our illustrious "leader," when enacting this disastrous health insurance debacle, never thought about people being unable to access the necessary health insurance plans in their particular locale, and having to travel many miles for care, and suddenly having to pay $300 for a prescription previously costing them $4, and having to pay ridiculously high premiums and deductibles, and just as bad, putting all of these idiots to work in the Marketplace who are so totally incompetent that they don't have a clue what they are doing and are making unbelievable errors, and then are unwilling or incapable of correcting them, and as a result, are submitting totally erroneous information to the IRS. Thanks, Obama.

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